30th Space Communications Squadron ushers in new communication technology to advance space communications | Vandenberg Space Force Base

VANDENBERG SPACE FORCE BASE — The 30th Space Communications Squadron is ushering in a new era of communications technology as they bid farewell to their obsolete, Synchronous Optical Network from the 1990s, and embrace the cutting-edge Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing technology at Vandenberg Space Force Base. The ambitious five-year project, which began in 2020 is set to … Read more

Dead Space 3 producer says he’d ‘throw away and rewrite’ the entire main story if he could

We said in our long-ago review of Dead Space 3 that it suffered from an “identity crisis.” Series star Isaac Clarke very suddenly went from being an engineer in a tight spot (and with a precarious grip on reality) in the first two games to a full-blown action hero in the third: “Isaac fights wave … Read more

Your new co-op survival horror obsession is about being underpaid and overworked space scavengers

Newly released cooperative horror indie game Lethal Company is getting a lot of buzz from early players. It’s a simple setup: You and your crew of three other scavengers drop on to an abandoned moon station, get as many valuables as you can, and get out. If that seems simple, well, there are a lot … Read more